Client Engagement Letter for the Provision of Bookkeeping/Accounting/Tax Services of Baby Basic Outfits Represented By Mr.Sachin Ahuja

Agreement Execution Date: 30/07/2020


1       Scope of Work

2      Contact Point

3       Fees of Business Associate

4       Period of Agreement


This Agreement executed by and between Meru Accounting and Baby Basic Outfits represented by Mr. Sachin Ahuja. Herein after for brevity’s sake referred to as Client, which expression shall, unless exclude by or repugnant to the context, be deemed to mean and include its permitted assigns and successors-in-interest.
Meru Accounting represented by Mr. Harnish Shah having its office in India. Here in after for brevity’s sake referred to as Business Associate. (Which expression shall, unless excluded by or repugnant to the context, be deemed to mean and include its permitted assigns and successors-in-interest.) The Purpose of this agreement is to help create and foster a mutually beneficial business relationship between Meru Accounting and its clients. It seeks to define level of Service provided by Business Associate pursuant to an agreement between Business Associate and the Client.


1. Scope of Work:
The Business Associate will diligently carry out Accounting work and other ancillary work as per requirement of client.
Meru Accounting shall provide complete bookkeeping services to as below:
01. Bookkeeping of Baby Basic Outfits.
02. Frequency: Will provide Monthly Management report.
2. Contact Point:
Meru Accounting shall give contact details of the Client service Manager Client can contact the manager during designated office hours by any of the following means:
Contact Person 1 ,2 Mr. Harnish Shah
Email ID [email protected]
Phone No +91 9408643931
3. Fees of Business Associate:
1. Remuneration of BA:
The Business Associate shall raise invoice every month with the details of work done. The Price agreed hereto shall be fixed price of INR 5000 per month excluding subscription fees of any software excluding GST.
2. Invoice for the same shall be raised on a Monthly basis to client and paid via NEFT from Indian account in advance.
4. Client work:
We agree that we shall not solicit the clients of this client independently or on behalf of any business during tenure of our working with firm. Client shall also solicit any of the employees of Meru Accounting during or after the tenure of employement with Meru Accounting LLP
5. Period of Agreement:
1. This agreement represents the business Agreement and operational understandings between the parties and shall remain in effect for a period of Twelve months from the date of execution hereof & can be extended for the period as mutually agreed.
2. The clients’ specifications in terms of quality and other parameters that shall be issued by the Client/their principals from time to time and acknowledged by the Business Associate shall be read with this agreement. 3. The agreement can be terminated by either party without assigning any reason for same.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties hereto have executed these presents on the date herein before written:

Client Business Associate:
Sachin Ahuja Harnish Shah
(Baby Basic Outfits) (Partner At Meru Accounting LLP)
Authorized Signatory Authorized Signatory
Date: 30-07-2020 Date: 30-07-2020
Place: Delhi Place: Ahmedabad

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