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Our Outsourced Accounting and Tax Service

Some of our services include:

Compelling Reasons to Outsource Accounting and Taxation Services to
Meru Accounting

Business Expansion

One of the primary reasons for CPA firms and enrolled agents to outsource their accounting and taxation services to us isthe expansion of their business. You can easily concentrate on onboarding new clients and understanding their specific requirements while dedicating your accounting and taxation work to us.

Cost Saving

The biggest draw for outsourcing services to Meru Accounting is saving costs. Hiring and training in-house employees lead to huge costs. Besides, there are costs associated with administration and operation which can be saved in case of outsourcing. We offer cost-effective accounting, bookkeeping and tax solutions to our clients that start at as low as US $10 per hour.

Expert Team

When you outsource to a company like Meru Accounting, you benefit from the services of experts in the field of accounting, finance and taxation. Your outsourced team comprises of CAs, CPAs, CFAs and other professionals having great expertise and knowledge.


Meru Accounting has a dedicated team of well-trained and highly experienced accounting professionals. Our team has a proven track record of providingaccounting and taxation services for CPA firms and enrolled agents. We have global experience of serving clients from different countries like USA, UK, Australia, Singapore and New Zealand and across different business verticals.

Quality Service

We maintain high quality standards in whatever we do. Our primary motto is to deliver quality services to our clients and within the allotted time frame. This stands us apart from our competitors.

Ease of Operations

Dealing with an in-house accountant can sometimes become a difficult task as they are not specialised in accounting and taxation work. When you outsource tax preparation work or accounting tasks to a specialised firm, you don’t have to worry about anything. You also gain peace of mind as you are aware that your work is in the hands of experts.

Latest Technology and Infrastructure

We are a dynamic firm and we love to stay updated with every latest technology that comes in the field of accounting and finance. We quickly learn and adapt to the latest technologies.Moreover, we have a highly advanced infrastructure to support these technologies. So, you don’t have to incur heavy costs on upgrading the infrastructures and resources in-house.


When you hire us, you get the flexibility to scale up or scale down our services as per your requirements. Besides, you may transfer all or only some of the accounting and tax department functions to us. You only have to pay for the resources that are required to get the work done. During the lean period, you may save costs by reducing our involvement.

Security and Privacy

We understand the importance of data for any organisation. Therefore, we have high-level security systems in place. With the help of advanced technology and software, we provide complete safety and data privacy to our clients.


Tax preparation and accounts outsourcing is a smart choice to make for enrolled agents and CPA firms. It will not only be profitable to your business but you will also be saved from neglecting the essentialfunctions of your ownbusiness.

Get in touch with Meru Accounting for outsourced accounting and tax preparation services and save yourself from the burden of these functions.

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