The First Accounting Job is very crucial for your first 90 days. As you serve a 3-month probationary period, you’ve got to give your best performance. Your future stay at the company will undoubtedly depend on these decisive 90 days. According to studies, more than 20% of employee turnover likely occurs in the first 90 days of employment.

The role of accountants has evolved over time and with technology. It goes beyond traditional accounting; it involves reporting and consulting for informed decision-making as well.

Tips For New Accountants for the First Accounting Job

Here are Accounting Tips For Beginners that can help you in your new accounting role

1. Get through with the software’s

Understanding and picking up technology quickly is the key. It is crucial to get a grasp of the different tools and SaaS used by the finance team. It helps you to learn about the processes and the overall business operations.

Understanding each software either desktop or cloud; how it works and how to use it effectively. Know about the accounts and how they are interrelated to each other.

A bonus accounting tip for beginners is to know about the frameworks and software used in other departments such as sales, operations, and marketing. It will teach you more about the business and its employees.

2. Knack down the month-end process

Once you get through to the accounting software, it’s time to speed up the month-end process. The month-end process is the most stressful and busiest period. It is better to be prepared for the month-end close processes. You must plan and prioritize your time, to avoid being stuck with the books. Be alert to deadlines, different processes, departments, and steps in closing.

3. Networking

Just being good at your work is not enough to succeed, you must have networking skills to build relationships with your peers. Initiate conversation, identify those who can help to fill skill gaps, and use these new networks to make an impact.

4. Highlight your skills

Within your first 90 days of an accounting job, highlight your skills that can help the company. There is nothing wrong with highlighting your achievements. Following are some easy ways to gain visibility and boost your company’s confidence in you.

  • Finding inconsistencies in accounts.
  • Sharing workload with the senior members of the team.
  • Simplify processes and formulas.
  • Better presentation of reports.
  • Internal calendar to manage tight deadlines.

5. Always ask questions

When in doubt, never hesitate to ask the question and avoid making assumptions. One small error in finance can lead to severe consequences and even a loss of funds. Asking questions demonstrates your willingness to learn, your overall engagement, and your can-do attitude. It’s about going the extra mile to learn, strive, and grow within the company.

With these good-to-go tips for new accountants, you can do your best in the first 90 days of your accounting job.

For more such Accounting Tips For Beginners, stay tuned to Meru Accounting

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