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6 Core Benefits of Virtual Bookkeeping Services for your Business.

We often hear from our clients how improperly managed bookkeeping and accounting have downgraded the financials of the business. Poor accounting and bookkeeping services are often reasons for business failures, especially small businesses. Effective bookkeeping services are very important.

Bookkeeping is the basic foundation for performing accounting and tax-related operations. A business cannot be successful in the long run if it is finances are not tracked well, thus accurate bookkeeping is a must.

And if you do want to increase the administration and cost burden for in-house accountants and bookkeepers, you can opt for virtual bookkeeping services for business. You hire online bookkeeping while still having control over your finances. Virtual bookkeeping helps you in building a strong financial foundation without any stress and hassles free.

How do virtual bookkeeping services help you in business?

Bookkeeping is a basic routine accounting task, but it requires a lot of efficiency and precision to record transactions accurately. A bookkeeper must be cunning and knowledgeable to record business transactions without any flaws as any wrong entry can lead to more wrong entries. This will again demand more corrections.

So, bookkeeping needs time and experience, which most businesses lack. Thus online bookkeeping services are the best option for businesses for perfect accounting at an affordable cost while saving their valuable time.

Meru Accounting is one of the leading outsourcing bookkeeping service providers. With us, you get a dedicated virtual bookkeeper at an affordable price of $ US 10 per hour of service. Our bookkeepers are professionally qualified CPAs, CA, and accountants using the latest cloud accounting software to serve our clients.

Following are the multiple benefits of virtual bookkeeping services:

1. Affordable solution:

Business is always looking for a cost-effective solution, so virtual bookkeeping services is the best solution for an option for them. An in-house bookkeeper could charge somewhere around $43,980 – $ 55,450 yearly. Apart from the basic pay, you have to provide benefits, bonuses, and also administrative and infrastructural costs. In-house bookkeeping is an expensive option.

On the other side, when you outsource bookkeeping services remotely, you only pay for services availed. Thus, this helps you to save costs.

2. Promote business growth:

If you are a small business owner with a single accountant for all your bookkeeping, accounting and filing taxes, etc., everything falls on the shoulder of a single person. There is no time left to update with accounting trends or mitigate risks. Thus, delegating bookkeeping to virtual bookkeeping services can free up some time for your in-house accountant so that he can focus on other necessary financial aspects. He can focus more on various investment options, do a market analysis and help your business to grow.

3. Experienced Professionals:

Generally, businesses assign bookkeeping tasks to junior accountants to save their costs. But it may create blunders because bookkeeping may be a routine task but requires accuracy and efficiency. If bookkeeping isn’t flawless, then you can’t have errorless accounting. But hiring experienced professionals will be expensive. So now, what is the best solution?

4. Remote bookkeeping services

Yes you got it right. Virtual bookkeeping service providers can be professionally qualified and experienced bookkeepers in their teams. They serve various clients at a time and are well versed with different accounting software.

5. Remote Accessibility:

Every business needs to have access to its financial data at the various point with ease. Online bookkeeper uses cloud computing to provide remote access to their clients. Thus online bookkeeping services provide anytime and anywhere access to business data.

6. Flexibility:

An in-house bookkeeper will work for standard work hours only and for overtime you have to provide additional payment. But virtual bookkeeping services provide a comprehensive range of services and complete work as per the client’s requirement plus they charge for only productive hours.

Furthermore, if you outsource to a virtual bookkeeper from another country with a different time zone, they provide 24 x 7 support. For example, there is a time difference of 12 hours between India and the USA. Thus if you hire an Indian-based virtual bookkeeper in the evening, you get your work delivered in the morning. Thus, the difference in time zone provides you the flexibility to run the business around the clock.

Build a strong business foundation with Meru Accounting’s online bookkeeping services.

Explore the benefits of virtual bookkeeping with us.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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