Smart handling of Accounts Receivables

Are you facing difficulty in handling AR of your business? Is a delay in payment by your customer affecting the cash flow of the business?

Then outsource your accounts receivable management to Meru Accounting. We have years of experience in handling the accounting receivable of USA clients. We are thorough with the accounting process of AR in the USA.

We provide a complete package of accounts receivable solution that provides more insight into the company. We let you dedicate more time, focus and control purposes.

We understand the challenges faced by our client due to growing competition. They lack the time and resource to manage the receivables in time. They need trusted people like us to manage AR for a better inflow of cash into the business.

Our team provides a wide range of accounts receivable outsourcing services to our USA clients. The clients can either opt for all or some parts of their receivable processing. Outsource accounts receivable to professional experts like us and the benefit of high-quality services at low cost.

Get started with Meru experts

Our comprehensive range of service includes:

Use of cloud-based- technology

Our extensive practice and experience with specialized skill sets make us a leading consulting firm for accounts receivable services. We use best practices with the use of cloud-based accounting software to make the whole process automated and simple to follow.

We have a stronghold on the following accounting software:

Reasons to choose us

Outsourcing work to us will prove one of the best decisions of your business. We have gained an edge over other in-house accountants or any independent firm in the following manner-

Qualified people: We are a team of accounting specialists –CPAs, Character Accountant and accountants. Professional service of highly-qualified and skilled team with vast experience in the accounts receivable management.

Remote service: In this pandemic time, when social distancing is the new normal. You don’t need to be in touch with us. We use the best cloud-based accounting software providing you with remote access.

Economical Cost: We serve our client at the best possible price. Keeping this in mind, we charge only $ US 10 per hour. We can pay only for the hours of service availed.

Meru Accounting Benefits

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