Best Xero Add-on for Business

The best thing about Xero Add-ons is the in-built inventory management mechanism that it offers to all of its users. With versatility and effective functionality, Xero is the best add-on tool for any business. This gives you a real time performance of your business and streamlines your processes by storing accurate databases. There are so many benefits one can avail through Xero and linking your data up with other add-on apps with minimal effort will improve your work efficiency in no time! Are you looking for the best Xero Add-on for business or the best inventory add-on for Xero? Then, you are at the right place!

Need more integration for Xero: find the best Xero add-on for business

The functions of invoicing, tracking payroll management, reconciliation, transaction flow, dashboard performances and feedback can all get systematically robust through the best inventory add-on for Xero for richer functionality. This compiled list of best Xero integrations will help you assess the needs of business in a much better way to help you make a sound judgement!

Best Xero Add-on for business: How can we help with Xero add-on support?

We, at Meru Accounting have integrated various addons like Receipt banks, Datamolino, Auto Entry, Hubdoc, Floatapp, Asana, Sharefile, Google Drive, Dropbox, box, Shoeboxed, Paypal, stripe, go cardless, A2X, Tradegecko, Xero Practice Manager for AU. Meru Accounting is an expert with all the extra Xero add-ons as well for reporting in Xero, Accounts Payable, Debt Collection, and Inventory Management. We realize the potential of the best inventory add-on for Xero that can enhance your performance.

We also have a specialization with the Xero software and all of its add-ons. We are a Xero certified Professional and Silver Partner with Xero: We have expertise in functioning with Xero with all kinds of system operations including features like Bank rules, Cash Coding, Hubdoc, Payroll, Superannuation, VAT, GST, Class Tracking, Project reporting, Pension filings, etc.

Some of the best cloud add-ons we use at Meru Accounting are Workflow Max, Receipt Bank,,, Google Drive, Zoho Sales, Veeqo, DataQlick Apps, AutoEntry,, Wagepoint, etc. All these add-ons we use at our firm hold a charming reputation and goodwill in the market for their services and accuracy & efficiency.

We also set-up Xero and various best inventory add-on for Xero for you to make your bookkeeping experience smooth and much more efficient. These add-ons include Receipt Bank, Datamolino, Auto Entry, Hubdoc, and many others. We add combinations of these add-ons to your software only based on your choices and tailored for your needs.

Best Xero Add-on for business

The best deal about Xero is the executive functionality it offers wherein, it manages to strike a balance between being powerful enough for capable accounts is also intuitive enough and user-friendly for those who have no financial accounting training. Xero app marketplace has a list of various existing solutions that connects seamlessly with other apps integrations, saving time and effort for you, your business. These extra tools that are built by Xero are the connections that are tailored to suit your business. So, without further ado, here’s the list of best Xero add-on inventory:

Vend for point of sales networking

Vend is the most popular and top-rated inventory for the purpose of point-of-sale networking integration for Xero add-on that is available for either iPad, Mac, or PC. This app integration is specifically designed for inventory-based modernization of retail business real-time reporting with customer engagement tools to carry the process seamlessly to provide an industry-leading solution that eliminates manual handling of admin tasks for payments.

Vend streamlines your Xero reports with the dashboard visibility as to how your business is performing and also grows your business by showing the real-time profit and loss giving you more time with your customers and less time with making spreadsheets.


Unleashed offers an easy integration with Xero that manages the Stock movements and transactions that are automatically and securely updated your performance in real time that ultimately saves the hours of administrative work by you giving the visibility of your inventory value by assessing the profit & loss and balance sheet level.

It gives the freedom for your business to better produce, manage and move their products. Managing your inventory through tracking and enhancing your business through additional tools such as:


TidyStock keeps a tab on your stock, inventory, retail business and the cash flow by sending the workflow financial information seamlessly through simple mapping functionality. This allows you to gain efficient control of your stock moving from a strictly managed stock that requires adjustments, to a more flexible stock functionality for wide ranging times when it comes to consumables. It also manages the pricing of your tiers, margins, purchase orders, etc. This integration provides your business by easing the “heavy lifting” operations to deal with the financial accounting.

These are few of the very best Xero add-on for business you will find to better your inventory management.

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