Difficult to Choose a Tax Preparation Professional in the United States?

Are you an individual, a CPA firm, or small business owner, or a large corporation looking for a service provider during tax return season? Facing difficulty in filing the federal tax return and complying with the IRS rules?

Then you are in right place for your tax return preparation.

Tax return preparation in the US:

We are a leading outsourcing tax preparation in the USA. We provide both individual tax return preparation services and US corporation income tax return services. Our comprehensive tax return services include:

We follow a systematic and detailed approach to preparing and filing tax returns and maintaining proper work papers to help in the review process. Our professional experts make a proper analysis of financial statements and other relevant information in detail for proper classification and optimization of the clients’ tax liabilities and deductions.

Outsource tax return preparation services

During tax seasons, the business spends too much time and resources after-tax preparation and mostly getting things right. It might result in to increase in expenses owing to high-end consulting fees. And on top of it inaccurate and improper tax returns may attract penalties from the IRS. Outsourcing it to a CPA firm like Meru Accounting will help in filing better returns and saves costs.

We provide cloud-based services, thus switching to virtual tax preparation services for streamlining your tax returns. Cloud technology provides remote access to the tax return and knows your upcoming tax deadlines.

By outsourcing tax returns to us, our client has reduced their cost by 50%-60%. It has also helped in managing volatile staffing constraints while hiring us for tax preparation.

We at Meru Accounting follow a proactive and dynamic approach when it comes to adopting the latest technology. Our professional experts are equipped with the latest software listed below:

Get impressive tax return service with Meru Accounting.

Let us handle your US corporate income tax return and individual tax preparation. Here, are some of the reasons why we won’t let your down.

Professional Expert in US tax knowledge:

Tax professionals at Meru Accounting have years of experience and hands-on expertise in US tax legislation. These experts have updated knowledge of the latest federal tax laws and deadlines. They help address the tax seasonal experts’ requirement and assist in long-term roles if required.


Outsourcing your tax preparation services enables you to scale up your team seamlessly with tax preparers who have extensive work exposure. Along with the scalability, the stress of filing tax returns with deadlines is at bay when you have tax experts on board.


We have fair pricing policies for our clients. Our motto is to provide quality service to our clients. To fit into the pocket of clients across various industries and sizes, we have an hourly system of payment. We charge $ US 10 per hour of service. So with your only pay for the productive hours of work.

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