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Simplify your business accounting with Xero software.

What is Xero?

Xero is online business accounting software that helps to manage the finances of your business in an easy, simple, and transparent way. It runs on the cloud, so you can have real-time access to crucial business information. It is one of the best accounting software for small to medium-sized businesses.

How does Xero ease your accounting?

1. Automated banking:

Xero automatically imports all banking details such as a bank, credit card, and PayPal transaction. You don’t need to work on manual inputs of data. Once Xero imports data, its in-built bank reconciliation feature matches your business transaction. So, you are only left to verify the transaction and click on OK.

2. Quick Invoicing:

With the help of Xero, you can create and send invoices. It also allows you to create a customizable and professional invoice. You can email your invoices to the customer so the chances of early payments increase. And in case of a repeated invoice, it automates the process and eliminates the manual task.

3. Enjoy control over bills:

It clearly defines what your business owes and when it’s due. You have better control over cash flows with better planning of payment schedules in Xero. It is very simple to add a bill in Xero. You can make batch payments through online banking instead of issuing payments individually.

4. Quick on financial reports:

With a few clicks you can create reports and budgets with real-time business data. You can prepare profit and loss, balance sheet, and many more. No headache of GST returns it automatically calculates your GST returns. The reporting features of Xero are interactive, and you can easily track the source of the transaction.

5. Bundle of Add-ons:

It allows integration with third-party apps. Thus, it makes Xero an extremely interactive platform that saves time and avoids duplication of efforts. Add on anything from payroll to point of sale to stock control and many more.

Explore the ease of doing business with Xero software. Get Xero software onboard for accounting and bookkeeping tasks.

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How can Meru Accounting help?

Meru accounting is a leading bookkeeping and accounting firm providing expertise for US business in Xero accounting software. Along with Xero software, we also work on various add-ons according to our client’s requirements. We act as Xero consultants to convert your business accounting at Xero. We have a pre-defined checklist to convert a clients’ business software to Xero.

Explore the advantages of the Xero bookkeeping service with us.

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