The businesses are now finding it very convenient to use the accounting software for their accounting activities. Quickbooks is one of the excellent accounting software that has simply changed the accounting activities in the organization. It is easy to use and gives a proper accuracy in the accounting task. It is one of the Best Accounting Software For Small Businesses for the businesses in the USA. It fulfills all the requirements in the accounting needed by USA businesses like Generally Accepted Accounting Practices (GAAP).

Looking at all the versatility and the features it has for the accounting needs for businesses, a common question certainly arises: Do I need a bookkeeper if I have QuickBooks? Here, the answer is Yes. Despite Quickbooks being one of the Best Accounting Software For Small Businesses, there is a need for the bookkeeper for your organization.

Why separate bookkeeper needed even if you have Quickbooks?

Although Quickbooks does many of the bookkeeping activities, it cannot replace many of the activities of bookkeeper.

Here are some reason where you need a bookkeeper even if you have Quickbooks accounting software:

1. To ensure proper compliance

There are various compliance related activities which the Quickbooks cannot do, only experts can do. Some of these activities include payroll-related filings, tax filings, tax rules, etc. An expert is needed to do proper compliance of the financial transactions.

2. Payment of all the payables

Quickbooks can only keep track of all the payable bills as per the upcoming due date of the bill. However, you need a dedicated individual like a bookkeeper to make the payments properly or they can schedule the payments before the due date.

3. Proper financial reports

Quickbooks can provide better financial data reports that can be easy to understand. However, they cannot automatically understand the data needed for the financial reports. You need a dedicated bookkeeper to package the data and present in the financial reports.

4. Provide proper guidance

Although the main task of the bookkeeper is to assist in the day-to-day activities of the business properly, they also have other major activities to do. They need to notice the pattern revealed and the trends in the accounting. Bookkeepers also need to check the business segment profitability and give the guidance to achieve better growth.

5. Confirm the records properly

Although Quickbooks is one of the Best Accounting Software For Small Businesses, it will work as per the instructions. Ultimately, the entry will be done by the individual person. In this case, if the entry is done in the incorrect account then it will cause complications in making further reports. The software then may not be able to spot the error. An expert bookkeeper can review all the aspects properly and spot the errors to rectify it. They can confirm the records properly before further processing.

These are some of the important reasons, you need an expert bookkeeper for your business in the USA, even when you have Quickbooks software. Apart from the above mentioned main points, bookkeepers can help you in several other ways too in the accounting process.

So, you must have an expert bookkeeper, who is well aware of using Quickbooks. If you do not find such an expert then you can outsource this task to an expert agency like Meru Accounting. They have an experienced team who is well-versed in using Quickbooks properly. Meru Accounting is a proficient accounting service providing agency across the globe.

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