Find the professional accounting Xero Certified Consultants

If you are looking for professional help for bookkeeping and accounting services, then look no further.  Meru accounting is a leading team of professionals qualified as CPAs, CAs, and accountants certified as Xero Consultants.

We help our clients to maintain their financial records with the help of Xero. Xero is cloud accounting software with amazing features compatible across the industries, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Xero simplifies your accounting and bookkeeping process and provides remote access to your financial information anytime.

Here is a quick guide to the advantage of Xero Online bookkeeping services for the US with Xero certified consultants.

What is Xero?

The cloud accounting software Xero is designed to help small and medium business manage their accounts. It automates manual tasks reducing the risk of human error and tracking the cash inflows and outflows anytime anywhere. It has user-friendly dashboards which are easy and simple to use. It is a quite useful application for companies of all sizes and administrative professionals. It helps in real-time access to the financials of the business. With the help of Xero certified bookkeeping advisor, you can explore the Xero in full capacity and scale up with Xero add-ons.

Automated Virtual Bookkeeping solution

When you hire Meru Accounting for accounting and bookkeeping services, you get customized online services. We let you focus more on your business operations while you do the A to Z bookkeeping tasks.

We can take over bookkeeping, tax payroll, and much more. Businesses need to regularly track their financials and maintain records. With online bookkeeping services, everything is quick, easy, and accessible. At Meru Accounting we take care of financial records. We go beyond the usual service of bookkeeping. We provide detailed reports about what your number speaks about business. We provide necessary insights that help in taking business decisions.

Why Xero?

Xero is online accounting software that reduces the risk of human error, as every bank transaction flows automatically in it. So the business can track its cash flows on a real-time basis.

Here are some benefits of working with Xero:

Bookkeeping advantage you will get at Meru Accounting.

With our impeccable virtual bookkeeping services, you have a team of Xero experts to take the charge of this tedious yet important bookkeeping task. Here is how you will gain by outsourcing us:

Save your time:

It takes hours to reconcile accounts, track expenses and payroll payments, and preparation of reports. Count on us to handle accounts, expenses, and other accounting tasks, thus saving you valuable time and money.


Day-to-day bookkeeping tasks take a lot of your time. So with online bookkeeping, you can focus more on improving your business while leaving this tedious task to experts powered by Xero.


Virtual bookkeeping services from Xero experts at an affordable cost of $ US 10 per hour of service. You get professional experts handling your bookkeeping while saving the cost of recruiting, training, salary taxes, and benefits.

Remote Access:

Accessibility is the key requirement for any service. With us, you can access data from anywhere. You have 24/7 access to your financial data.

Online bookkeeping services powered by Xero experts.

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