Gusto: Gusto is an online payroll software that delivers payroll benefits and HR solution. It enables smooth integration of HR, payroll, worker’s compensation insurance, and health benefits from any web-enabled device. It is used by the small business to manage the payroll functions. It is easy to use software that helps in calculating taxes, worker’s payments and managing health benefits.

QuickBooks Online:It is a cloud-based accounting software by Intuit. It offers a complete business accounting solution allowing users to manage all the financial data in a single platform with real-time dashboards and reports. With QuickBooks online, any small business can remotely manage their accounts.

Gusto VS QuickBooks Online – How they differ?

Both Gusto and QuickBooks online are online software that is mainly intended for small businesses to manage their day to day software. However, Gusto manages the payroll and HR related service of the small business, while QuickBooks provides a complete accounting package.

Following are the parameters that highlight the difference between this two software:

  1. Platform Supported:

Gusto: It works only on the web-based application.

QuickBooks: It gains an edge over Gusto as it supports well in any platform. Apart from the web-based application, it has iPhone and Android apps too.

  1. Features:

Gusto Payroll: It includes the following features:

In short all the HR and payroll functions of the business.

QuickBooks Payroll:  It gives a wide range of services related to the accounting of the small business. The list below are some of the features of QuickBooks Online:

  1. Pricing:

Gusto has a subscription price starting from $16 per month. There is no need for the credit card to subscribe to Gusto.

QuickBooks Online has a subscription starting from $ 10 per month. Free trial option is available with a free account facility in QB online. It also doesn’t require a credit card.

  1. Users:

Gusto: It is served mainly to freelancers and small business owners as they don’t have a fully operational HR department. It caters to the payroll services of the small business.

QuickBooks Online: It caters to the accounting of the small and mid-size business. Instead of having a full-fledged accounting department, small businesses prefer QBs online to serve all the accounting management under a single window.

  1. Integration:

Gusto: It can integrate with third-party tools such as Boomr, GoCo, Receipt Bank, QBs online etc. as well as Gusto partner add-ons for 401(k) and 529 savings.

QuickBooks Online: It can integrate with third-party tools such as Bill.com, Bill4time, ProWorkFlow Zoho CRM as well as other Intuit tools like QuickBooks Payroll subscription for additional software Integration.


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