Where is my tax refund? How to check my tax return status.

Once the IRS accepts your return, it takes 21 days to process your refund.

If you have recently filed a tax return and are waiting early for your tax refund. Then, you are not the only one as millions of taxpayers after filing their federal taxes wonder “where is my tax refund”, how can I check my tax return status etc.

Keeping yourself updated about the tax return status gives a boost to future tax planning. Meru Accounting can answer all queries related to tax return status. It doesn’t matter if you opt for e-filing or in person, we can assist you to know your tax refund status.

Get started to track your return.

When can I check my tax refund?

You can check your tax refund status after receiving confirmation of acceptance of tax return. You can use the IRS online tool name “Where’s my tax refund?” to check the status of your refund. The online tool is also available as IRS2Go mobile application to check refund online. It is the fastest and easiest way to track the status of your return. You need to input some personal data you can figure out when you will get it.

Check your refund online in just three steps

1. Wait time

To check the status of your tax return, you need to wait for some time. In case of e-filing of a tax return wait for at least three days after e-filing. Once your e-file tax return to the IRS, it takes approximately three days to update it to the website.

E-filed your tax return with Meru accounting? Check your e-file status online to check for the confirmation. You will get an email directly from the IRS.

However, in case you mail a paper return, IRS advice to waiting for at least four weeks before you start checking your refund status

It is advisable to the taxpayers to go e-file as it is the easiest and fastest way to file a tax return. Most e-taxpayers received their refund earlier.

2. Get a copy of your return

There is certain pre-requisite information that you must keep handy. The IRS –“Where’s my refund?” tool requires some information regarding your tax return to update you about the status of your tax refund. So, get a copy of your tax return- to get the following details-

3. Visit the official site of the IRS on page “Where’s my refund?”

Now you can view the status of your tax refund.

What is the other way to check the status of a tax refund?

Some people don’t have access to the internet or computer If you are one of them don’t take the stress. You can call the IRS at 800-829-1954 to know your refund status. You will need the same set of information as to those who check the refund status via online. So, don’t forget to keep a copy of the tax return ready.

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