How to outsource bookkeeping?

Doing Bookkeeping of your business takes your valuable time when your business is at the growing stage. By the time you must have realized the importance of outsourcing bookkeeping.

Proper and accurate financial records play a very important role in the success of the business. But it often falls last in the to-do list of business owners. After all, you are not here to do bookkeeping, you have to focus on your business. The value of time spare on maintaining accounts translates into expensive hourly rates.

Now you have two options: either hire a local bookkeeper or a virtual bookkeeper. In-house bookkeeping is possible but, only if you can bear the expensive maintenance cost.

Let’s discuss both the options to arrive at the right choice.

Local bookkeeper

A local bookkeeper is either an individual or team located near your business location. Local bookkeeping is ideal for those:

You can outsource a local bookkeeper either to a Freelancer or to a bookkeeping firm. A freelancer works with you on one on one basis and gets your accounts done. They can provide you online work, in person, or both but, the service is limited to their level of skills and experience.

Bookkeeping firms charge more than the freelancer bookkeepers and may be professionally certified. With them, you have a team of individuals to handle your books, so any leave of absence by one bookkeeper is covered by the other.

Virtual bookkeeper

Virtual bookkeepers have become the new popular bookkeeping method that becomes paperless handling of books. They provide an online bookkeeping solution combining traditional bookkeeping with cloud bookkeeping software. In virtual bookkeeping, the bookkeeper does your books and software helps to monitor finance. It is an ideal option for you:

Virtual bookkeeping by professionals saves your time and gives peace of mind. The advantage of working for an online service is that your data is safely secured in the cloud and easily accessible from anywhere anytime.

Why for Virtual Bookkeeping?

Cost-effective: Most virtual bookkeepers are certified. They have the experience, skills, and accounting knowledge to maintain your books of accounts. They work remotely, also offer part-time services that help small businesses, and eliminate the cost of in-house accountants.

Secure and reliable backup data: Virtual bookkeepers use Cloud Software that keeps your data secure and organized. Thus, you can access your data within a few clicks. Most of the outsourced bookkeepers offer service through reliable accounting software such as QuickBooks, Xero, etc. These platforms provide consistency and are highly accurate.

Flexibility in service: When you work with outsourcing bookkeepers, they have flexible schedules and are available when you need them. You have only evenings or weekends to look into accounting matters and remote bookkeeping professionals are quick to accommodate their client schedules.

Why us?

Meru accounting is one of the best outsourcing bookkeeping service provider. We have been providing virtual bookkeeping and accounting service to US clients. Our dedicated team consists of professionally qualified experts- Certified Public Accountants, Character Accountants, and accountants to keep your financial data accurate and up to date. They also can do your federal tax returns and ensure compliance.

Virtual bookkeeping only at $US 10 per hour by us

Explore the benefits of virtual bookkeeping. Get started with us now.

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