Intuit ProSeries for Preparing Tax Returns Intuit Pro series is excellent professional tax software for small to medium-sized CPA accounting firms, mostly used to prepare Individual 1040s and also used for processing business returns. It is available in two editions: Basic and Professional. It is only available as a desktop or network installation. It is a market leader in professional tax solutions. Why is a CPA accounting firm choosing the Intuit Pro series to prepare tax returns? What makes the Best in the market? So, the key highlights of using the PRO series for tax preparation are listed below:

Overall, it may sound like complex software with heavy pricing. Can any CPA firm opt for the Intuit Pro series for their tax return? The answer is yes; it has a variety of pricing options for small to mid-sized firms.

Intuit Proseries helps CPA firms through the following features:

Intuit has introduced new features for Tax professionals that can provide benefits up to $25 per return with free software and service to bag on some new clients.

Intuit Personal Pro:

Previously known as Intuit CPA Select, it is open to enrolled agents and Certified Public Accounts, which helps to bring together taxpayers and tax professionals to meet their specific needs. This online facility reduces marketing and payment collection.

ProSeries Refund Transfer Incentive:

it also offers tax professionals the opportunity to earn money at the same rate as saving for their clients. The new taxpayers can use Intuit ProSeries software, which processes more than 50 refund transfers with zero additional processing fees on all refund transfers. So, it’s a win-win case for both taxpayers and tax professionals.

Get a professional hired to make the best use of Pro Series benefits.

Intuit ProSeries for Preparing Tax Returns: If you are looking for a tax professional who can prepare your tax return and is an expert in Intuit Pro Series, you can contact Meru Accounting. We at Meru Accounting help you create the best remote team of tax reports. We just charge $15 per hour, which is quite reasonable, plus you get experienced and qualified people. We provide hassle-free and error-free tax returns for your clients. We believe in quick response and the best service. Contact us today.

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