Form 1120 C

 What is Form 1120?

Form 1120 C is known as US Corporation Income Tax Return that is used mostly by corporations to file tax forms that require complex details such as disclosure of net income, credits, gains, deductions, losses, and refundable credits. Therefore, a corporation pays income tax by filing the IRS form 1120 C, these income taxes are paid following the corporate income rate rather than the individual tax rate.

Furthermore, it involves examining and handling all the form 1120 schedule forms that require entailed details like net income, dividends, inclusions, calculation of tax liability, preparation of balance sheet, etc.

Who Files the Form 1120?

Domestic corporations use the Form 1120 to file their income tax returns for the IRS. A corporation is mandated to file form 1120 C to report the details of income, losses, and dividends of the corporation to the IRS. This helps the IRS to figure out and determine the income tax liability of a corporation.

All the domestic corporations must file an income tax return regardless of whether they have a taxable income:

Entities elected as taxable corporations:

This form can also be used to report the income of other business entities that are deemed to be elected as corporation taxation, these entities are obligated to file form 8832 for the year of the election as well. The IRS mandates corporations owning a total asset of $10 million or more to file form 1120 C.

Limited Liability Companies:

The U.S. LLC will be mandated to file a Pro-forma U.S. federal Form 1120 which is a corporate income tax return along with a U.S. federal form 5472 attached if in case the U.S. LLC has certain reportable transactions within U.S. and foreign related parties including contributions to and distributions from the U.S. disregarded entity.

Corporations engaged in farming:

Farming Corporations must file form 1120 to report their gains and losses, they have to enter their net income and deductions on specific schedules and sections.

Where to get the form 1120 C?

The IRS website has all the forms for income tax returns. The taxpayer can go to the official website and search for form 1120 . The form 1120 schedule can easily be downloaded and printed out to file manually.

How to file the form 1120 C?

All the domestic corporations can easily e-file the form 1120 C and all the other related forms, if there is due credit, the corporation can authorize an electronic withdrawal of funds during the e-filing process.

However, the IRS states the rule that certain corporations owning a total asset of $10 million or more, filing 250 returns a year are mandated to e-file Form 1120.

When to file the form 1120 C?

After the end of the tax year, a corporation must file on the 15th day of the 4th month. Although, a corporation having a fiscal tax year ending on June 30 is supposed to file by the 15th day of the 3rd month after the end of its tax year. A new corporation must file by the 15th day of the 4th month after their tax year ends regardless of how short-termed it was.

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