Tax preparation solutions for small business

Save your time and money with the help of our business tax services.

Each year business owners have to report to the Internal Revenue System (IRS) about its revenues, expenditure and profits to ensure fair payment of taxes. There are many tax service providers, but incorrect tax fillings can attract penalties and additional cost. No matters where your books got stuck, we’ve got you covered. We provide a complete solution to small business tax preparation.

Simply your tax filing process

Tax filings can be a complicated and frustrating business obligation for small businesses or any owners. It is not only a time-consuming process but also is complex to handle the ins and outs of quarterly tax filings. Keeping updated about new tax rules regulation is important while filing your tax returns as it affects annual tax returns.

Meru Accounting assists you in tax preparation to all type small business trades and traders. Our team can even provide you with bookkeeping and accounting solutions before preparing your tax returns. We provide:

Any business can hire us,

Our firm handles Federal and State income tax preparation of business owner of all forms and size:

Why get us hired?

  1. Expert Accounting: Our team is headed by Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) with 10 years of experience in handling US tax preparation. Our team includes Character accountants, accountants and CPAs who are specialists in the accounting field with experience in accounting software such as XERO, QB etc. So, with a dedicated team, we guarantee you accurate and professional service.
  2. Affordable pricing: Trust us hiring us will be economical for your business. We cost $ US 15 for every hour of service.
  3. Full- Support service: We assure to serve you remotely with 24 x7 hours service-connected via email, WhatsApp, call and chat services.
  4. Maximum Refunds: Our tax specialist ensures to take through various tax codes to claim all possible deductions and maximizes your tax refunds.

Frequently Asked Questions?

Do you file personal Tax returns?

Yes, we file personal tax returns for small businesses and traders give them a better understanding of their tax liability and tax planning.

What documents do you require?

We need all your income statement (gross income), statement of Cost of Goods Sold and statement of expenditure. We require a verified income and balance sheet statement. In case you don’t have any then, we can prepare for you.

Why file quarterly statements?

Small businesses are  required to pay Estimated Taxes four times a year as per the guidelines of IRS. You can either estimate your income you’ll make in the year or tally the income you earned in a quarter. Following are the deadlines for quarterly estimated tax;

Get a reliable tax preparation

Meru accounting believe in easing the taxation for the small business like yours to manage, prepare, file taxes accurately within time.

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