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Accounts Payable Outsourcing – End-To-End Accounts Payable.

Meru Accounting accounts payable outsourcing services offer its client in India and overseas as well flexibility to opt for some or all parts of the accounts payable business functions.

Here, you get access to professional experts and the latest technology without investing and maintaining an administrative setup and expensive software. We follow best practices and take care of compliances so fewer chances of discrepancies and better financial control results in improving profitability.

Services we offer at you’re outsourcing partner:

We provide bookkeeping and accounting services to our clients in the US and other countries. Our end-to-end accounts payable service includes:

Data Capture:

Go paperless with us. We handle receipts and management of the documents by:

Data Processing:

Resolution and proactive handling of exception transactions. It includes:

Approval and exception routing.

Reducing the month-end processing of closing.

Documentation of the audit trail.

Suspect duplicate analysis:

We place an audit and control mechanism to identify and eliminate duplicate payments in the following ways:

Manual and Automated data entry.

Processing of E-invoices.

3-way matching of the database.

Disbursements services:

We handle all the aspects of the payment so that our client bears minimum flotation and administrative costs.

Other top-up AP services:

We also provide other accounts payable services. It includes:

Benefits of outsourcing accounts payable services.

Outsourcing accounts payable service has many benefits and you must outsource for the following reasons:


Outsourcing partners are professional experts and use high-end AP automation to ensure zero or minimal error.


It helps to reduce dependency on employees for a particular function. Thus it reduces your overhead cost plus you can use human resources for a core business function.

Easy tracking:

Hiring an outsource partner tracks your outstanding payable and ensures payments in time. They track the payables, set the notification for the due date, and communicate to receive the due amount.


Enhance overall efficiency as your outsourcing partner takes care of the accounts payable tasks so you can focus more on the crucial business functions.

Why hire us as your outsourcing partner?

Few reasons that would land you on us as you outsource partner for accounts payable:


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