Payroll accounting in Xero

Payroll management is one of the important features for any businesses. There are many activities in the payroll system of the business like salary payments, tax deductions, calculating attendance, managing the provident funds, etc. It becomes difficult for small and medium scale businesses to manage all these activities properly. Even some of the big companies get into complexities sometimes while handling the payroll of the company. To meet the different levels of complexities, Xero has come out with the software to manage the payroll system. Xero payroll solutions have the ability to handle all the aspects related to the payroll management of the business efficiently. Xero accounting payroll can make the payroll system of the company in a very efficient way.

Many of the small and medium scale businesses are using the Xero accounting software payroll without any hindrance to managing the payroll activity. Xero payroll solutions have astonishing features that can do a wide list of payroll activities. They can handle the accounting and payroll system efficiently of employees working in different departments.

Xero payroll features:

1. Updating tax code faster

The tax code of the employee changes after some duration. It becomes very difficult for the payroll department in this situation to handle the payroll activities. Late changing of the payroll activity can affect the payroll activity adversely. Xero payroll can change the necessary tax codes very fast.

2. Salary payment Automation

On some occasions, different companies could not make the payments on the given date. It mostly happens due to delay in the payroll calculations. Xero accounting payroll helps to make automated payments to the employees. This software enables you to make all the necessary calculations as decided and make the payments accordingly.

3. Tax calculations accordingly

Tax deductions calculations are one of the important things for any business. Xero accounting software payroll allows to make the necessary tax deductions of all employees as per the slab they fall it. Salary payments along with the tax deductions thus become simpler with the accounting and payroll solutions.

4. Managing leave allowances

As per the leave taken by the employee, the payroll department needs to make the provision for the salary payments. Xero payroll helps to make the calculations of the leave allowances as per the employees’ number of holidays.

These are some of the important features of the Xero payroll solutions. It covers most of the areas of payroll management.

Benefits of using Xero payroll:

1. Flexibility in the payments

It becomes tedious to manage the payments on different days as per monthly, weekly, fortnightly, or any other specific type. Xero accounting software payroll allows easy payments as per the decided structure for specific employees.

2. Built-in Employee Timesheet

As per the number of days and number of working hours given by the employee for work, the calculations of the payment need to be made. Xero built-in timesheet allows easy calculations of the wages and salary as per the work.

3. Accessing payslips

With Xero payroll, employees can access the e-payslips in a very easier way. It relieves the work pressures from the HR department.

4. Expenses Reimbursement

Reimbursement of the payment takes a lot of time for calculating, checking, and allowing. Xero accounting payroll allows automated reimbursement of the payment to the employees as per the cost.

We at Meru Accounting provide Xero payroll solutions as per the company’s need. We have a team of Xero certified advisors to manage the payroll management of your company.

How Xero certified advisor can make most of your Xero payroll?

Our Xero certified advisors at Meru Accounting are well-trained in managing the payroll of the company. They will understand the payroll structure of your company and then implement the payment Xero payroll accordingly.

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