With paradigm shifts in the diversification of tax laws, preparing tax returns can be a tedious task at hand. Despite the hurdles, Meru Accounting provides the best tax services to all sizes of business. Hiring an outsourced accounting team can prove to be beneficial as you will remain in constant assistance with the team of experts preparing your tax returns.

Many small-sized businesses struggle with the issues of time restrictions with the CPAs and tax preparers during the tax season and are unable to utilize the services during the off-season. Our CPAs and team of experts provide several services that take off the load due to their improved efficiency and qualifications.

We the service provision of Meru Accounting, we provide you with insights into several services:

Choosing the accurate tax form for your firm: Most of the small business is required for any business be it of any entity such as Partnership, Corporation, S Corporation, or Limited Liability Company (LLC). This requires packages of forms like:

Preparing Records: Gathering your documents and important records required for filing the tax return as such:

  1. 1. Taxpayer Identification Number
  2. 2. Income Statement
  3. 3. Balance Sheet Receipts
  4. 4. Bank and Credit Card Statements
  5. 5. Payroll Records
  6. 6. Checking previous year’s tax return
  7. 7. Estimated Payments

Search for Tax Deduction and Credits:

Other services that every small business will have to undergo is determining if a filing extension is required, paying tax liability, deduct estimated tax payments, etc.

Our Tax Preparation Processes:

Remotely Accessing Client’s tax software through secure and encrypted link

Analyzing the scanned documents, we provide a standard format to upload the relevant data either in the forms of PDF files, MDI, or efax messenger. After acquiring the information our team updates it as per the choice of software through email or cloud-based software.

Entry of Tax Return and Auditing

The information entered is verified to make sure it is entered correctly and is accounted for.

Review of the Return

With the years of our experience and the team of qualified CPAs, we deliver hands-on experience and expertise with various tax and accounting services, including tax preparation, payroll processing, managing income and expenses, streamlining with many top tax preparation software like ProSeries Tax Solution, GoSystem Tax Solution, Thomson Reuters Tax Solutions, etc.

We charge only $15 per hour, conduct monthly meetings with the CPAs, and have a faster turnabout within 24 hours max. With our qualified accountants and improved speed, we ensure that our work is process-driven and error-free.

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